The Little Grip Turns One!

August 17, 2016

in 2015 I shot three weddings with a growing baby bump. I found by the 6 month mark I was having trouble snaking through dancing crowds without bumping into people with my large belly. I still laugh about that. My friends and family all joked that I was getting him into the family business at an awfully early age and we began referring to him as “The Little Grip”

Side note: A Grip is someone who helps in video and film production–typically sometime who holds lighting, unfolds stands, moves things around, etc.


The Little Grip only a few weeks old

Our Little Grip (Henry) has been the light of our world. He’s just a generally happy little boy. He makes working on the weekends a tougher job than I ever thought it could be.

So, today is his birthday, and every new day I see him grow and change and I fall more and more in love with him every moment. There’s no describing the emotions I feel as I remember where we were one year ago on this day. The doctor laid our sweet Henry Marshall on my chest and the world as Dave and I knew it was forever changed. We knew love, but nothing like the love he brought into our hearts when he came into our lives.

Thank you, Little Grip, for choosing us as your parents. We love you more than we could ever have dreamed was possible.

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As a little added birthday surprise, we are honoring our little boy with a special promo for our clients! If you book a portrait session (couples, babies, family, etc) TODAY, we will take $50 off your portrait session! WooHoo!

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