Shalee & Mat – An Engagement Session

May 3, 2016


From my first photo session with Shalee a couple Christmases ago, she made it clear that I would be documenting all the major family events in the future–and boy has it been fun!! I’ve watched her sweet daughter grow into a lovely young lady from behind the lens of my camera and now I get to see Shalee and the love of her life get married in 2017! But Shalee and Mat’s story is so much deeper than the typical dating to marriage to family love story.

When we had our engagement session, Mat had only just been released from the hospital after having two heart valves replaced. You read that right. Mat survived congestive heart failure and major heart surgery. His strength is incredible and inspiring. But what’s more inspiring is how this event brought him and Shalee closer together. I followed Shalee’s updates on Facebook and with every post there was optimism, prayer, encouragement and unbending love. This is the kind of event that tests the strongest of marriages and they were faced with it far to soon.

It didn’t take Mat long to pop the question once he returned home. There is so much to be thankful for each day, and that’s no secret for these two. Every hour and breath is precious and they are a living example of how important love is.

So, for obvious reasons, you can see why this couple is so special to me, making their engagement session really powerful as well. Every touch, giggle, kiss, and soft embrace was deep, loving and lasting. They aren’t taking anything for granted and that really got to me.

I can’t wait to see them say their “I do’s” though I know they already have in their own way. Congrats, Mat and Shalee!!

<3 Sam

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