Baby Jack – A 9 Month Session

February 21, 2017

There are so many things I love in life, but being able to document the lives and milestones of my friends’ children has got to be at the top of the list. Sweet little Jack turned 9 months old last month (I know. I’m way late, but I’ve been keeping him all to myself ūüėČ and I was too thrilled to shoot his session at the gorgeous McKee Botanical Gardens in Vero Beach, FL. There’s not a non-photogenic inch of that place. Couple that with the cutest, babbling, giggly, crawling STANDING Mr. Jack, and it makes the magic of the gardens come to life.

This is session number three (3 months and 6 months) for this jolly hunk of sweetness, so be sure to see how much he’s changed!

JACK_9months_01 JACK_9months_02 JACK_9months_04JACK_9months_03 JACK_9months_06 JACK_9months_07 JACK_9months_08 JACK_9months_09 JACK_9months_10

Courtney + Christopher

February 7, 2017
Courtney & Christopher’s wedding over 2016’s Thanksgiving weekend still brings big smiles to my heart. For one thing, that day held SO many firsts for me as a wedding videographer: First Man of Honor in the bridal party, first doggie ring barer, first brother and father first look, and last but not least– first bridal portrait involving a baby goat (oh, it’s in there, just watch–it’s amazing!)
Of all these amazing memorable moments from their day, the thing that I recall first from their day was the laughter. Chris and Courtney were always laughing, smiling, and happy. It was absolutely impossible to feel anything other than joy around them. I cried a lot too, but I’m a softie. These two have all they need and it was such an honor capturing these moments for them!
Cheers, Courtney & Chris!
Special Thanks to the vendors who helped make their day so perfect:
Venue: Cielo Blu Barn, Fellsmere Florida
Photographer: Nikki Neswick Photography
Videographer: Pear & Thorn Productions
Florist: Something Special
Catering & Cake: SNL Catering
Hair & Makeup: Black Swan Salon

Vero Beach’s Hidden Treasures – Archeological Dig Reopens for the 2017 Season

February 7, 2017

Public tours began this week¬†at the Vero Beach Old Ice Age¬†Archeological Site, signaling the beginning of the 2017 dig season. The partnership between the Old Vero Ice Age Sites Committee and FAU Harbor Branch and Department of Anthropology is entering it’s fourth year and anticipation is high after discoveries at the end of the 2016 dig season.

Take a look at the video we produced for OVIASC as the team prepared to begin excavation this season. It was a pleasure working with all involved in the dig and I hope you locals out there take a moment to appreciate the work they’re doing.

Music Credit: Hope of Men by Bytheway-May | Licensed by The Music Bed

Elizabeth + Edward

January 11, 2017

It felt like¬†softly falling into a beautiful daydream–the kind that are full of wonder, beauty and complemented with a strange peculiarity that always alerts me to the acknowledgement I’m not viewing reality. It was the mystery of the treasures hidden throughout Waldo’s Secret Garden. It was Beth’s gown. It was the bouquet, with its romantic colors that so perfectly accented the delicate lines¬†of Beth’s soft smile. It was the ever-so-subtle exhale when Eddie read Beth’s letter. It was the way they carried themselves–like dancers waltzing to a precious melody long forgotten. It was the way they captured the other’s very essence in their gaze. Everything melted away and yet, everything was. They were singular in their love, and enveloped in the love of those shared all around them.

Simply said, they are poetry in human form. Sometimes we are given¬†a chance to see something remarkable, new and undiscovered, but the tragedy is knowing we can never find words adequate enough to deliver it’s wonder to others. It was my greatest challenge–no. My greatest treasure in my heart, finding their voice through this footage and allowing it to develop as it wished.

To Elizabeth and Edward–may you know only joy, happiness and love for all your years.

Special Thanks to the vendors who made their wedding day so special

Venue: Waldo’s Secret Garden

Photographer: Ezekiel E Photography

Videography: Pear & Thorn Productions

Second Videographer: Ash & Meadow Photography

Floral Design: Waldo’s Secret Garden Florals

DJ: DJ Louie Entertainment 

Chelsea + Peter

December 13, 2016

Chelsea & Peter’s wedding at Pointe West¬†Clubhouse¬†in Vero Beach, FL was bright, cheery, joyful and fun. It was hard to keep myself from wanting to put the camera down and dance with them at the end of the night! In fact, I may have cried with them a couple of times throughout the day. It was hard not to get wrapped up in their story, because, as you’ll see, it is¬†just so perfectly sweet.

My gift in life is knowing that they can go back to those first sweet moments of their marriage as often as they wish–for the rest of their lives, with their family and friends. What more can a person ask for?



Special Thanks to the following vendors who helped make their wedding day Perfect!

Photographer ‚ÄstMartina Tannery

Video 2nd ‚Äď Lyndsay Cunningham Photography

Officiant ‚ÄďBryan Murphy

DJ ‚ÄstClass Act Productions

Cake¬†‚ÄstClassy Cupcakes

Baby Stella – A 6 Month Session

December 1, 2016

It was the honor of a lifetime documenting Stella’s birth story and preserving her first moments of life for her adoring family. She is such a special little girl. Her 6 month session came so fast, I feel like I blinked after her newborn session and there she was, half a year old already!

Aside from being adorable, snugly and generally delicious, she’s also the most¬†polite¬†baby I think I’ve met. She’s such an accommodating little model with her shy smile. Very inquisitive, she’d really rather explore the props on the scene than pay mind to the camera. And bravo to her family. They have possibly the best (definitely the funniest) techniques for getting an infant to smile that I’ve ever seen.

Congrats on your half-year milestone, Stella! Can’t wait to see how much you’ve changed next time we meet ūüôā


stella_6months_01stella_6months_09 stella_6months_03stella_6months_02 stella_6months_04 stella_6months_05stella_6months_08stella_6months_07 stella_6months_06

Melanie + Jake

November 22, 2016

Melanie and Jake are indescribable. Like so many faerie tales, their story is rooted in the true essence of love: honesty, trust, forgiveness, humility and unwavering support through good times and bad. It’s been so fun editing their amazing wedding day footage. So much of it was filled with unforgettable moments that keep filling my heart the more times I watch it. I’m so proud they asked us to be their documentarians for the day!

They were married October 1st at the beautiful Ceilo Blu Barn in Fellsmere, FL, right down the street from where we call home. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for a rustic outdoor wedding.

Special Thanks to the following vendors who helped make their wedding day Perfect!

Photography –¬†Megan Ashley Photography

Video 2nd – Ashley Morgan / Ash + Meadow Photography

Officiant –¬†Jessica Sweeney

Cake – Brittany Faria

Dessert Bar – Lea Ann & Jennifer Brown

Caterer –¬†A Perfect Pear Catering

DJ –¬†Dale King

Bar –¬†Zak Kleckner

Baby Jack – A 6 Month Session

November 15, 2016

It’s so fun photographing infant life stages. A child is born, and in three months they are completely different. By 6 months they are nearly unrecognizable they’ve changed so much! Such is certainly in extreme demonstration with sweet baby Jack, who I have the distinct privileged of photographing in his first year of life. At 6 months old, Jack already outweighs my 15 month old. He’s sitting up, pulling himself up, crawling and making jaws drop wherever he goes. And. He’s. So. Cute.

Stinking Cute actually. I love him. I want to take him home with me. But his parents won’t let me, so I have to settle for these precious pictures of him and count the days till our next session. In less than three months this guy is going to be 9 months already and probably out running me haha

Ok, no more talking–Here’s Jack!!

jack_6months_02jack_6months_01 jack_6months_05jack_6months_03
jack_6months_06 jack_6months_07 jack_6months_08 jack_6months_09

Melissa + Leif

November 14, 2016

Melissa & Leif’s Indiana wedding was¬†full of love, energy, joy and excitement. But Mr. Hurricane Matthew tried pretty hard to prevent all of that from happening.

Melissa’s family (as well as myself and The Little Grip) were all traveling from Florida’s east coast–where Matthew was predicted to make a direct hit as a cat 4 hurricane only a couple of days before the wedding. We all scrambled to change flights, board up our homes, and make arrangements. Poor Melissa and Leif were so worried their wedding would be dampened by it all, but we all made sure their wedding day came off without a hitch!

Their wedding day arrived and we celebrated. We laughed. We put the worries of the storm aside. We enjoyed each other and I enjoyed being a wedding photographer for my friends.

Cheers to Melissa and Leif! You two are wonderful and I know your future will always be met with love, happiness and joy!

<3 Sam + The Little Grip
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Nora Turns One – A 12 Month Session

October 12, 2016

I’m certainly a little partial when it comes to Nora, since she is my¬†only¬†niece, but I have to say, she’s pretty much the sweetest, most delicious waddling 12-month-old I know. I can say that. Mine is now 13 months old hehe.

Like most girls her age, she has us all wrapped around her precious little fingers, especially when she cracks that crooked little smile, or throws out her bottom lip as you will see in the photos below. But don’t let that fool you! She is¬†a tough little model if mommy and daddy aren’t in the picture! Luckily, “The Little Grip” was on set and offered her a small lemon he found in his adventures in the park and that really helped her warm up to the camera.

I’m so excited to share a small selection of photos from my time with her last week. I mean, it¬†is¬†her birthday, after all! So, happy birthday, Sweet Nora! We love you so much!

nap_12m_blog_004nap_12m_blog_001nap_12m_blog_002 nap_12m_blog_003