Nora Turns One – A 12 Month Session

October 12, 2016

I’m certainly a little partial when it comes to Nora, since she is my only niece, but I have to say, she’s pretty much the sweetest, most delicious waddling 12-month-old I know. I can say that. Mine is now 13 months old hehe.

Like most girls her age, she has us all wrapped around her precious little fingers, especially when she cracks that crooked little smile, or throws out her bottom lip as you will see in the photos below. But don’t let that fool you! She is a tough little model if mommy and daddy aren’t in the picture! Luckily, “The Little Grip” was on set and offered her a small lemon he found in his adventures in the park and that really helped her warm up to the camera.

I’m so excited to share a small selection of photos from my time with her last week. I mean, it is her birthday, after all! So, happy birthday, Sweet Nora! We love you so much!

nap_12m_blog_004nap_12m_blog_001nap_12m_blog_002 nap_12m_blog_003

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