Melissa + Leif

November 14, 2016

Melissa & Leif’s Indiana wedding was full of love, energy, joy and excitement. But Mr. Hurricane Matthew tried pretty hard to prevent all of that from happening.

Melissa’s family (as well as myself and The Little Grip) were all traveling from Florida’s east coast–where Matthew was predicted to make a direct hit as a cat 4 hurricane only a couple of days before the wedding. We all scrambled to change flights, board up our homes, and make arrangements. Poor Melissa and Leif were so worried their wedding would be dampened by it all, but we all made sure their wedding day came off without a hitch!

Their wedding day arrived and we celebrated. We laughed. We put the worries of the storm aside. We enjoyed each other and I enjoyed being a wedding photographer for my friends.

Cheers to Melissa and Leif! You two are wonderful and I know your future will always be met with love, happiness and joy!

<3 Sam + The Little Grip
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