Melissa + Brandon

May 18, 2016

It was written in stone. It was in the stars.

Words of the band Fleming and John pass through my mind when I reflect on Melissa and Brandon.

I consider myself fortunate that I have the privilege of witnessing marriages for a living, but for all the weddings I attend, this one is always going to be at the front of my mind. And knowing them leaves so much more to my memory than just their wedding day. Just their wedding day. Sounds so flippant, doesn’t it? I’m tearing up thinking about the gravity of the love between these two. It radiates in a way I really just can’t describe.

During the ceremony, Deacon Dave recounted a memory of his time with Melissa and Brandon. He’d asked Melissa why she wanted to marry Brandon and she said, “He makes me better.” It should be no surprise that Brandon’s answer was the same when asked why he wanted to marry Melissa. There was a collective sigh from the wedding guests at that point, including me.

Weddings are beautiful for so many reasons: love, laughter, joy, sheer happiness to name a few. But Melissa and Brandon’s wedding was more, so so so much more than what I get to see each time I film a wedding. I saw two souls rejoined on a path they started many lifetimes ago.

Dave and I are so grateful for our time with these two and I know we’ll always be better for knowing them.

Many thanks to the vendors who made their wedding day perfect as planned:

Photo: Vitalic Photo

Video: Pear & Thorn

Venue: Vero Beach Country Club

Florist: Lara’s Theme

DJ: Traxx Entertainment

Hair: White Orchid Salon

Cake: Classy Cupcakes

Signage: Terry Barrett

Music: Now and Always by Brooke Annibale licensed by The Musicbed

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