Joann + Markus-Alan

August 23, 2016

Joann & Markus-Alan. I love them.

Sometimes I have a hard time describing my couples and I wish that everyone could’ve been in the room the night I described them to Dave (my partner and best friend). Time travel isn’t currently available in the App Store, so I will try my best to get the gist across.

Joann and Markus-Alan have deep and beautiful souls, and it’s the first thing you see when you meet them. Their lives are only strengthened by the road they’ve traveled together and their eyes still hold the spark of love at first sight. They’ve built a family together, and not just of those related by blood. They have a way of bringing you in with open arms, because that’s just who they are. They welcomed me and Dave in the same way. I just have to say this too. Hank (The Little Grip) has a serious crush on their youngest daughter, and I mean, can you blame him? I am generally a pretty happy person, but my cheeks HURT after their wedding day! There was so much laughter, joy, love and celebration. Those are standard sentiments for a wedding, but I’m telling you, I’m taking this one with me forever. I kind of want them to get married again so I can go back and celebrate with them all over again!

I hope you see why this couple is so special to me when you view some of the highlights from their amazing day. It’s real, guys. It’s just so very real.

<3 Sam + Dave

Many thanks to the vendors who made their wedding day perfect as planned:

Photo: Jaime D’Orio Photography

Video: Pear & Thorn

Venue: Harmony Golf Preserve

Florist: BlossomHouse Florist

DJ: Jon Green

Cake: Sip N’ Dip Donuts

Officiant: Bishop Kotal

Music: You Found Me First by Jake Etheridge / This is Love by Jake Etheridge featuring Marie Hines 

Licensed by The Musicbed

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