Jenn + Tau

March 29, 2015

Jenn & Tau from Pear & Thorn Productions, LLC. on Vimeo.

Jenn & Tau are a seriously special couple. We instantly clicked when I learned of their ties to NYC and South Africa (two of my favorite places on this earth!). They had a very unique wedding planned, and up until that point, they hadn’t factored video into the mix. We were so glad to help by capturing their ceremony and some lead-in moments with their families. A short highlights video really doesn’t capture the magic of Tau and Jenn’s beautiful wedding. Their ceremony was filled with laughter, audience-delivered  quotes, promises of love and truly unforgettable memories. Dave and I left the event feeling, well, jazzed. The energy between those two is contagious! I have a feeling that positive energy is just one of the many complimentary qualities they share together.

Jenn & Tau were married February 15th at Waldo’s Secret Garden. Their photographer, Ashley Morgan of Ash & Meadow Photography, was our wedding photographer as well! Nothing says rustic-chic like a south Florida wedding at Waldo’s.

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