Baby Jayce – A Newborn Session

July 12, 2017

Joann and Markus-Alan were married in June 2016, a wedding I was very honored to film and be a part of! They, at the time, were blessed with two beautiful little girls–one of which was nearly “The Little Grip’s” age! Joann and I were fast friends once we started wedding plans. Needless to say, I was SO excited to bring their wedding video package to them and thank them in person for allowing me into those amazingly intimate moments. Well, to my wonderful surprise, they had some news for me! They were expecting their third child!

So, the honor is again mine, as I present the first photos of their beautiful little boy Jayce. Boy, does he ever have his work cut out for him with those two older sisters of his! They adore him, as you see, but they are very busy little people! I know Joann and Markus are over the moon in love with this special little boy, but who isn’t?! I love seeing my families grow, and I so love getting to be part of each new big chapter in their lives!

Congratulations, Joann & Markus! Your little Jayce is perfect in every way!

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