Green Hooves, Green Hands

October 2, 2014

I have affectionately named this blog section of the website “Green Hooves Green Hands”. It’s built and published in an effort to bring more awareness to the challenges, failures and successes of us riders with good intentions who need more time in the saddle and choose to ride horses that need more time under the saddle. Most professional equestrians and trainers cringe at the idea of green horses paired with green riders, but to us, we’re just doing the best we can. I like to think that we are just open-hearted horse lovers that need a little more discipline.

So, here’s my story (at least a little slice of it), take it or leave it. I am an equestrian, but I’m learning every single day that I’m in over my head with my beautiful Percheron Arab cross, Valentine. We’re both starting over from the beginning physically, mentally and, most importantly, emotionally. This isn’t just an informational blog, it’s a documentary of our evolution from the past to the present as we both accept our rocky former lives and transition into a cohesive horse and rider team.

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