Elizabeth + Edward

January 11, 2017

It felt like softly falling into a beautiful daydream–the kind that are full of wonder, beauty and complemented with a strange peculiarity that always alerts me to the acknowledgement I’m not viewing reality. It was the mystery of the treasures hidden throughout Waldo’s Secret Garden. It was Beth’s gown. It was the bouquet, with its romantic colors that so perfectly accented the delicate lines of Beth’s soft smile. It was the ever-so-subtle exhale when Eddie read Beth’s letter. It was the way they carried themselves–like dancers waltzing to a precious melody long forgotten. It was the way they captured the other’s very essence in their gaze. Everything melted away and yet, everything was. They were singular in their love, and enveloped in the love of those shared all around them.

Simply said, they are poetry in human form. Sometimes we are given a chance to see something remarkable, new and undiscovered, but the tragedy is knowing we can never find words adequate enough to deliver it’s wonder to others. It was my greatest challenge–no. My greatest treasure in my heart, finding their voice through this footage and allowing it to develop as it wished.

To Elizabeth and Edward–may you know only joy, happiness and love for all your years.

Special Thanks to the vendors who made their wedding day so special

Venue: Waldo’s Secret Garden

Photographer: Ezekiel E Photography

Videography: Pear & Thorn Productions

Second Videographer: Ash & Meadow Photography

Floral Design: Waldo’s Secret Garden Florals

DJ: DJ Louie Entertainment 

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