Dave {Pear}saul + Sam {Thorn}ton

Dave {Pear}saul & Samantha {Thorn}ton share a love of unbridled adventure and have an eye for subtle beauty found in everyday moments experienced between them. Samantha started her creative career in Knoxville, Tennessee where she received her BS in Journalism. Her love of photojournalism took her to New York City where she cultivated her love of food photography. She is published in Food Network Magazine and contributed production services for food stylists and chefs across the city. She later moved to Florida to pursue a Graduate degree. While in what she likes to consider a short “layover” in Vero Beach, Florida, she fell in love with a Vero native, Dave Pearsaul.

Dave was a lab technician at the time for an research facility and continues to climb the science ladder to date. The two found that their alternative frames of mind came together to form some pretty beautiful pictures along the way. Samantha continues to create documentary editorial films on a freelance basis and Dave supports her passion by aiding in the creative pre and post production processes.

Together they balance technical with organic, geometric and fluid.

Pear & Thorn Productions is a family owned and operated creative content production company specializing in documentary video, design, photography, website production and direction for businesses and individuals.

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