Baby Jack – A 9 Month Session

February 21, 2017

There are so many things I love in life, but being able to document the lives and milestones of my friends’ children has got to be at the top of the list. Sweet little Jack turned 9 months old last month (I know. I’m way late, but I’ve been keeping him all to myself 😉 and I was too thrilled to shoot his session at the gorgeous McKee Botanical Gardens in Vero Beach, FL. There’s not a non-photogenic inch of that place. Couple that with the cutest, babbling, giggly, crawling STANDING Mr. Jack, and it makes the magic of the gardens come to life.

This is session number three (3 months and 6 months) for this jolly hunk of sweetness, so be sure to see how much he’s changed!

JACK_9months_01 JACK_9months_02 JACK_9months_04JACK_9months_03 JACK_9months_06 JACK_9months_07 JACK_9months_08 JACK_9months_09 JACK_9months_10

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