Baby Jack – A 6 Month Session

November 15, 2016

It’s so fun photographing infant life stages. A child is born, and in three months they are completely different. By 6 months they are nearly unrecognizable they’ve changed so much! Such is certainly in extreme demonstration with sweet baby Jack, who I have the distinct privileged of photographing in his first year of life. At 6 months old, Jack already outweighs my 15 month old. He’s sitting up, pulling himself up, crawling and making jaws drop wherever he goes. And. He’s. So. Cute.

Stinking Cute actually. I love him. I want to take him home with me. But his parents won’t let me, so I have to settle for these precious pictures of him and count the days till our next session. In less than three months this guy is going to be 9 months already and probably out running me haha

Ok, no more talking–Here’s Jack!!

jack_6months_02jack_6months_01 jack_6months_05jack_6months_03
jack_6months_06 jack_6months_07 jack_6months_08 jack_6months_09

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