Baby Jack – A 3 Month Session

August 14, 2016

Baby Jack is three months old and I got to take some time with him to document this stage of his life. Think about how little three months means to an adult, then imagine what it must be like for a baby. Three months may as well be thirty years for these little souls! And so much happens for them in those three months! Like little Jack, here, they roll over, start making the sweetest gestures and sounds, they can usually sit up decently well too! It’s amazing to me, and it’s one of the many reasons I love getting to do stage of life sessions with parents as equally keen on preserving memories of these incredible milestones!

I think by now it’s probably clear that I LOVE babies. I mean, I have one, right? Well, he’s about to not be a baby for much longer and I can’t put into words what kinds of emotions that lays on my heart. What I feel a lot of, though, is guilt. What a weird feeling, but it’s true. Why? Because of something a lot of my clients ask me:

Are you always doing photo shoots with your son?? You must have so many amazing photos of your baby, being a photographer and all!

And I usually reply with the whole The-Cobbler’s-kids-are-barefoot story. It’s sad. I haven’t had a photographer come to document his life stages, and I’ve only pulled my nice camera out a handful of times since his birth. I certainly don’t go to the lengths for a photo that I do for my clients. But, what I do have is nearly 100 GB of video and photos on my phone. But, oh, the quality is seriously not even close to the same as I can get when I’m working.

This is why I think it’s great when parents come to me for Life Stage photo sessions. This year is going to go by so quickly. I mean, we’re already planning Jack’s 6 Month pics! It’s all about the mysteries ahead for me. What’s he going to be doing next time I come over to take his photos?? Will I become a recognizable friend to this little guy one day? I sure hope so–because he stole my heart in this last session.

Just see for yourself <3


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