Andrea + Derek’s Bent Pine Golf Club Wedding

April 19, 2018

Andrea and Derek met in college up in NY, and while they were at first just friends, their relationship eventually turned into a long-term, long-distance sort of love story. They are fiercely fun to be with and their friends and family flew in from all over to celebrate with them here in Vero Beach at the Bent Pine Golf Club.

What makes Andrea and Derek so awesome is plain to see in their wedding footage. They are SO fun to be with, Andrea’s smile is absolutely contagious and the way these two look at each other–it’s hard to miss how perfect they really are (not to mention their mutual love of sneakers!)

I dare you not to start dancing once the reception kicks in. Their entrance was by far the Best I’ve ever seen!

Special Thanks to the Vendors who made their day Perfect!

Photographer: Kinosi Photography

Film: Pear & Thorn

Venue: Bent Pine Golf Club 

Florist: Laras Theme

DJ: Class Act Productions

Caterer & Bakery: Bent Pine Golf Club 

Makeup:Maria Sommers

Hair Stylist: Kat Kruse

Bobby + Kalani’s Up The Creek Farms Wedding Film

April 4, 2018

“I want to encourage you to love each other with a sacrificial love. Be willing to lay your life down for each other, just as Jesus laid his life down for you.” ~ Scott Shepherd

I’m not sure I’ve met a couple that knows sacrifice better than Bobby and Kalani. They have been tested in ways that only military couples will truly understand. They have overcome trials some couples see through decades in only a few short years. They’ve endured distance, deployments and doubt in only seven and a half years but they never lost their faith in each other, and trusted that God would see them through to where they are today. The faith they have is an inspiration and leads those around them to remember that life, love and joy are worth fighting for every single day.

Their Up The Creek Farms wedding in Grant, Florida was one for the books. The sprawling oaks draped in spanish moss created a perfect backdrop for their ceremony. From their vows, to the testimonies from their family and friends, I’m not sure I’ve heard a more captivating story than the one of Bobby and Kalani’s love.

Special Thanks to the Vendors who made their day Perfect!

Photographer: Sara Pedreira Photography

Film: Pear & Thorn

Venue: Up The Creek Farms

Officiant: Scott Shepherd

Hair & Makeup: Studio Gabriel Day Spa & Boutique

Florals: Always in Bloom

Emily + Tim’s Magnolia Manor of Vero Beach Wedding

March 25, 2018

Tim’s was the first face Emily saw when she walked into the busy restaurant where she was meeting her sister and friends on Valentine’s Day in 2015. Like Emily, Tim felt the room fall away and nothing has shifted their gaze from each other since.

I met Emily while filming her sister Hayley’s wedding in December 2016. I was immediately struck by Emily’s beauty, but it is her enormous heart that steals the air from the room. I remember filming that day and being so impressed with Emily’s laughter, tears and joy for her sister despite the fact that she had lost her voice almost completely. That didn’t stop her from delivering one of the most beautiful MOH toasts I have ever heard. Little did I know that her boyfriend Tim, who was Also in the wedding party, was planning a surprise proposal at the end of the night. No wonder he was acting so shy!

Emily wanted her wedding to be green and lush with life and sunlight. They planned to hold their ceremony at Riverside Park but the hurricanes of the season did too much damage and they were soon on the hunt for another venue with only two months before the big day to find one. Well, the stars certainly aligned. As it turned out, Magnolia Manor (think green, lush, curtains of beautiful light… ie. Perfect) had their weekend open and the rest is history!

I can’t tell you how many times I cried during their day. As countless family and friends said throughout the day, the way they look at each other you can just feel the love they share. It wraps you up whenever you’re near it and you are able to truly see God’s love. I couldn’t be happier for these two, but I’m truly grateful and thankful for their friendship and trust in me to capture such a special time in their lives!

p.s. Future couples: If you’re wondering if you should write vows, watch this video. Yes. You definitely should!

Special Thanks to the Vendors who made their day Perfect!

Photographer: Kinosi Photography

Film: Pear & Thorn

Venue: Magnolia Manor

Makeup: Maria Sommers

Hair: Brittany Stabe

Catering: Kelly Vold

Florals: Leslie Schroeder


Jamie & Justin’s Grand Wyndham of Jupiter Harbourside Wedding

March 15, 2018

Living in Florida has some major advantages: beautiful coastal vistas, wonderful weather throughout the year, bright colors and diverse people, Great seafood options just to name a few, but Jamie and Justin became all too familiar with the biggest downside to living in Florida—Hurricanes.

Their wedding was my first scheduled wedding of the 2017 fall season and happened to fall on the first week of September. Some of you may recall that week witnessed one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in recent history—Hurricane Irma.

Justin & Jamie were AMAZING through the rescheduling process. Of course everyone’s safety was their number one concern, especially with friends and family traveling by air to attend their wedding at the beautiful Wyndham Grand Hotel Harbourside in Jupiter, FL. After a flurry of phone calls, text messages and emails we were able to find a date ALL of their original vendors had available. It was a huge relief not just for them—I had been looking forward to this wedding for months!!

So their new wedding day arrived and it was spectacular in ways I just can’t describe. I did find it a tad funny, however, that the wind gusts were upward of 25mph, making drone work VERY challenging. I guess Mother Nature just wanted to remind us that the weather would do what it wants when it wants.

Enjoy this little recap of what truly was an Epic day of love, family, laughter, and elegance for Jamie, Justin and their families!

p.s. Can we talk a minute about that simply STUNNING Berta bridal gown of Jamie’s? It shimmered like sunset on the ocean, but I have a feeling Jamie’s glow was what made it truly breathtaking 😉

Special Thanks to the Vendors who helped make their wedding day Perfect!

Photographer: Travis Harris

Videography: Pear & Thorn

Second Videographer: Lyndsay Cunningham

Wedding Planner: Kish Events & Decor

Venue: Wyndham Grand Hotel of Jupiter Harbourside

Florals: Kish Events & Decor

Cake Artist: Earth and Sugar

Gown Designer: Berta

Makeup Artist / Hair Design: Naivi Hernandez

Band: The John Parker Band

Christine & Jesse’s Mansion at Tuckahoe Wedding

February 23, 2018

“These are the hands of your best friend, young and strong and full of love for you, that are holding yours on your wedding day, as you promise to love each other today, tomorrow, and forever.”  Blessing of the Hands by Rev. Daniel L. Harris

Christine and Jesse are the sweetest couple. They speak and smile softly at each other and you can nearly feel the love radiating from every touch they make. They are just so so sweet. And completely perfect for each other.

Their Mansion at Tuckahoe wedding in Jensen Beach, Fl was nothing short of stunning. From the hand painted dress hangers, to the romantic draping linens, the blush of the florals and the delicate paper butterflies to compliment the hand carved by Christine herself cake toper–no detail was missed. But none of the perfect elements of their wedding day could outshine the love between Jesse and his beautiful Christine.

Photographer: Kimberly Smith Photography

Second Photographer: Kristen Browning Photo

Videography: Pear & Thorn

Wedding Planner: Maria Orozco Elegant Events

Venue: Mansion at Tuckahoe Jensen Beach 

Florals:Maria Orozco Elegant Events

Cake Artist:Maria Orozco Elegant Events

Makeup Artist: Faces by April 

DJ: DJ Billman 

Autumn & Shane’s Vero Beach Heritage Center Wedding

February 1, 2018

I got to know Shane and Autumn well before Shane popped the question. In fact, though he might not readily admit it, I gave him a fair amount of proposal coaching in the months leading up to it. In the end he proposed to Autumn in a sentimental, sweet and intimate way on New Years Eve. She of course said yes 🙂

They took their time planning their wedding, which allowed them to really enjoy their engagement. Our engagement session together was so fun! We ran around some of the most beautiful corners of Vero’s beach side, strolled under sprawling oaks and they even played a little football (Not really. The football was just for looks mostly haha). Least I forget, me being a Tennessee alum, they insisted I allow them one final wardrobe change into their UF gator gear. They’re lucky I love them, because any other Vol fan might’ve “lost” those photos.

Fast forward from the summer to October where they were married at the First Baptist Church in Downtown Vero Beach and held their reception at the Vero Beach Heritage Center. It was a beautiful day, bright, cheery and a tad windy, but it made for a perfect backdrop for their first day as husband and wife. Their marriage ceremony was classic, traditional and sweet–one I know I won’t forget!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Bias!

Special Thanks to the Vendors who helped make their day perfect!

Photographer: Pear & Thorn

Videographer: 65 Productions

Ceremony: First Baptist Church

Floral Design: Pink Pelican 

DJ: DJ Twin and DJ DC

Makeup: Rebecca Lind


Jillian & Michael’s Club Continental Wedding

January 27, 2018

“Love is not breathlessness. It is not excitement. It is not our proclamation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being in love, which any of us can convince ourselves that we are. Love itself is what is leftover when being in love has burned away. And this is both an art and a fortunate accident. You and I have this.” ~ Michael to Jillian

Where do I even begin when it comes to Jillian and Michael. They are profound on so many levels, but what I think staggers me is how true their love is. And not just how true their love is… it’s more along the lines of how absolutely undeniable and fundamental their love is. What they share doesn’t need to be acknowledged, because, frankly, it just is. And it is in the purest of ways.

Being invited to share the day and capture some of the most beautiful moments I fear I may never see again in my lifetime was a true honor and gift. Jillian and Michael are the kind of people you want by your side because they bring light to any shadow that may linger. Their smiles and laughter are contagious, but ultimately as I reflect on these two I come back to the same thought and emotion.


And it just can’t be said any other way. So as you watch, I hope you feel it too.

Special Thanks to the Vendors who made their day Perfect!

Ceremony: The Club Continental

Wedding Coordinator: Flaire Weddings and Events

Photographer: Tanya Sokol 

Filmmaker: Pear & Thorn Productions

Flowers: Flaire Weddings and Events

Linens:Flaire Weddings and Events

 2nd Videographer: Lyndsay Cunningham

DJ: Party Solution Entertainment

Bridal Hair & Makeup: Astor Place at the Club Continental

Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup: Tara Lane

Emily + Ryan

November 16, 2017

“You’re the light of my life, babe. I love you and I can’t wait to marry you.” ~ Ryan 

I was very anxious when driving to Emily and Ryan’s wedding in Sebastian, Florida. I was anxious because rain was threatening to completely alter the vision of their outdoor wedding ceremony at Captain Hirams. I mean, a little rain here or there is normal for Florida, but it was absolutely pouring the majority of the day. At any given time in the hours of preparation before the wedding you’d likely see a phone screen scanning weather apps and forecasts. Listen close enough and you’d hear something that sounded a little like: “I think we might get lucky. There’s a little window in all that green on its way”.

But despite the rain, Emily and Ryan were going to get married on that beautiful Indian River shoreline. It was honestly one of the best moments I recall in my time filming weddings. Couples worry so much about rain, but despite what would happen to her dress, makeup or hair, Emily and Ryan wanted to say “I Do” in the place they had been dreaming of for so long. Of course their photographer and I were going to make it happen for them.

We lugged all our gear out to the site, where the rain was pouring down without signs of stopping and then it just did. It stopped raining. It was a sign from God if I’ve ever seen one and I think it set the tone for the story these two were about to share with their family and friends.

Life is filled with unexpected challenges, like rain on your wedding day. But Emily and Ryan rolled with it and their wedding was nothing short of breathtaking. I am forever thankful for bearing witness to their love on such a spectacular show of God’s love!

Special Thanks to the Vendors who made their day perfect!

Preparations: Captain Hiram’s Resort

Ceremony: Captain Hiram’s Sand Bar

Reception:Captain Hiram’s Tiffany Room

Photographer: Tiffany Danielle Photography

VideographerPear & Thorn Productions

Floral Design: Flower Petals

DJ: DJ Louie G

Hair: Mary Farless / Bad Apple Salon

Makeup: Danielle Childers

Brittany + Evan

October 19, 2017

“From now on, wherever you go, we will go. Whatever you face, we will face. I promise I will never stop striving to give you your forever and ever amen.” ~ Evan

Brittany and Evan were mesmerizing. There were a few times I caught myself simply spellbound by watching them. I knew during their private sunset on the beach moments that we were witnessing pure magic. It wasn’t just in the way they look at each other…it’s just how they are. Each step they take together, ever gesture and touch seemed to come from a poetically choreographed ballet–a dance only they know. It was special bearing witness to it. It is love in the simplest, most beautiful expression, and it was in them and around them.

Eleven years in the making, Brittany and Evan were married on a beautiful day at Vero Beach’s Christ By The Sea United Methodist Church. They celebrated the new chapter of their lives at the newly remodeled Sea Oaks Beach Club. The party was so much fun and such a joy to watch that I stayed a little while longer because I just couldn’t stop filming!! You’ll see what I mean when you watch…

Special Thanks to the Vendors who made their day perfect!

Preparations: Vero Beach Hotel and Spa

Ceremony: Christ By The Sea United Methodist Church

Reception: Sea Oaks Beach Club

Photographer: Tiffany Danielle Photography

VideographerPear & Thorn Productions

Floral Design: Pink Pelican Florist

DJ: DJ Louie G

Hair: Kat Kruse

Makeup: Crystal Tumolo

Catering: Sea Oaks Beach Club

Gown Designer: Maggie Sottero

Bridal Boutique: Coral Gables Bridals



Jayne + Brenden

September 18, 2017

“A long love. A deep and profound love. A beautiful love. And that’s why we’re here today.”

Jayne and Brenden are the literal definition of a match made in heaven. They met in grade school and have journeyed through the winding road of life hand in hand. It’s easy to say they’ve loved each other most of their lives, but I think the truth is that they loved each other before they were born. Quite simply, they were placed together because Jayne and Brenden are meant to be together in the same way that the sun rises and sets each day.

They were married at Jayne’s family ranch on a spectacularly gorgeous day surrounded by friends and loved ones who’ve witnessed their love grow from the most innocent affection to the devotion you can glimpse still today in this their wedding film. Brenden’s friends tease him that he took too long to ask, but what is time when you have forever?

Cheers to Jayne and Brenden and what I know will be a beautiful forever! <3

Special Thanks to the Vendors who made their day perfect!

Venue: J-5 Ranch

Wedding Planner: AART Weddings / Rachel Willems

Photographer: Sara Pedreira Photography

VideographerPear & Thorn Productions / Second Shooter: Lyndsay Cunningham

Officiant: Kevin Pastore

Band: Thomas Tillman

Hair: Christina Grant

Makeup: Rebecca Lind

Catering: Carter’s Grocery in Fort Pierce

Cake:The Cake Lady